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Ceiling:      Paint steel (optional color)

Car wall:    Paint steel (optional color)

Car door:  Paint steel (optional color)

Skirtboard: Fluorescent lamp

Floor:   Riffled plate

Automobile elevator

The use of advanced technology,design according to the special needs of car in space,and the performance.It is more flexibility and reliability, and can provide the best service for your valuable car.Using VVVF  control technology,greatly improved the smooth running of the  elevator,reduce noise and energy consumption at the same time;And application of the world's leading photovoltaic devices on the door operator,makes the car more secure.

Safety guide device

Safety guide device sets in the car ground to ensure fine security of both the cars and the eleators.

Dual operation buttons box

There are two operation box buttons in the car. Therefore the driver can operate the elevator in the car without stepping out of it.

Front/rear door opening are available

The elevator car sets front/rear door opening which is more convenient for the safety sector and for the cars to enter into/exit from the elevator cars. 

Special display system

Special circuit control and display system is convenient for the drivers inside/outside the car.

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