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CFG public traffic escalator series

       Besides all kinds of fuction used on business occasions, the product can also satisfy various complex supplement in public traffic transportation. Rectangular steel pipe skeleton and high-performance stair hoop, extensive horizontal running stairs and enlarged run stablely and comfortably, wear proof stainless steel compound clamping plank ensures the handrail bear strong striking Weather proof design guarantees the escalator to work under any weather outdoors.

CFW out escalator series

       Using IP54 (anticorrosion grade)waterproof control system and traction, IP65 (anticorrosion grade) waterproof electrical parts. Frame, unit, curve guide-rail and so on are added anticorrosion floor. Added central automatic lubricator and many other first-class safty equipment and material. Type elevator has special designed functions which includes auto vent system, water-alarm system, Lower machine room Hydraulic pumping system, Auto temperature detection and heater system guarantee the elevator can be safety operated in any bad working environment.

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