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Asia Fuji Changlin Elevator (Xinyu) Co., Ltd. is a joint venture with a history of more than 30 years, specializing in the research and development, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and transformation of helicopter series and escalator series; it is a joint venture in the central region (including Jiangxi and Hunan , Hubei, Fujian, Anhui and other provinces) the largest, strongest, and longest professional elevator manufacturer engaged in elevator production. Relying on the rich management and technical talents, sophisticated equipment, and strict quality management advantages of large military enterprises, the company introduces and absorbs foreign advanced electronic control core technology and design concepts to provide users with advanced technology and high-quality "Asia Fuji Changlin" Brand electric (escalator) series products. The company has strong technical design capabilities, not only has developed a full range of various types of elevator (escalator) products, but also can design various non-standard products according to the individual needs of customers.

Asia Fuji Changlin Elevator is a high-tech enterprise with a registered capital of 200 million yuan and 539 employees, including 48 engineering and technical personnel, 198 middle and senior technical workers and management personnel, 86 overseas sales personnel, and qualified installation and maintenance personnel. More than 200 security personnel. It covers an area of 150,000 square meters and has an annual design production capacity of 8,000 units. The company adheres to the "professional, efficient, high-quality, and sincere" service concept, and meeting the requirements of users is always our goal.

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Production Capacity
Asia Fuji Changlin Elevator has always been at the forefront of elevator technology development, and has always been committed to using advanced technology to ensure customer safety, and has become the first choice of many users. It has two professional production and assembly bases for elevators and escalators, using American STRIPPIT turret punches, German ESAP CNC cutting machines, Taiwan YANG machining centers, laser cutting machines, welding robots, CNC shears and CNC bending machines, and electronically controlled pipelines. , Automatic spraying production line, pre-treatment sandblasting production line, automatic painting production line and other advanced equipment.

  • Business license
  • Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and overseas Chinese investment enterprise approval certificate
  • Trademark registration certificate
  • Special equipment manufacturing license
  • Special equipment installation and modification license
  • Quality Management System Certification
  • High-tech Enterprises
Changlin History
Jiangxi Tonggu established a large-scale military factory named "State-owned Changlin Machinery Factory" under the direct management of the former Ministry of the Fifth Machinery Industry.
The factory conducts a certain type of product type test for the first time and has the ability to produce a certain type of product in small batches.
In 1974, the factory was basically completed, with mass production capacity for a certain type of product, and the infrastructure acceptance team passed the acceptance.
Hu Yaobang, then General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, received the then factory party secretary and factory director in Tonggu.
China's first purely domestically produced 35-degree escalator was produced.
The construction of the new Xinyu factory was completed in 1993, and the overall relocation of the factory began in 1994.
A certain type of infantry fighting vehicle participated in the military parade on the 50th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and successfully accepted the inspection of the party and the state.
Passed the Class A review of elevator manufacturing license.
Changlin Elevator and Asia Fuji Elevator (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. jointly established Asia Fuji Changlin Elevator (Xinyu) Co., Ltd.
Asia Fuji Changlin Elevator Company moved to the new plant in the high-tech zone as a whole.
The 80-meter elevator test tower was built into a self-developed 6m/s tell-passenger elevator, a 6m/s fireman elevator, and a four-quadrant control cabinet with a power of 110 kilowatts. Three new products have successfully passed the type test.
The installation of elevator products in old buildings was recognized by the market, and the strong drive home elevator was successfully developed.
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