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Release Date:2020-08-18
Question: Consultation on the installation of IC cards in elevators

①The installation of an IC card in the elevator belongs to the content of the No. 2 Modification Sheet after maintenance: such as the green star button on the first floor, and no IC card is required on the exit floor.

② It is difficult for the masses to judge whether it is a general maintenance or a major maintenance after the property is installed with an IC card. If the actual construction of the property and the installation unit is a major maintenance, but to save trouble, it is general maintenance, then which department is responsible for the investigation. How do ordinary people report.

③If the exit layer is locked, an IC card is also required to enter and exit the exit layer. Whether it violates the regulations, how to report it, and which unit is responsible for punishment and supervision. The State Administration's reply: The IC card system installed in the elevator should meet the requirements of the corresponding inspection regulations; if the user or construction unit is found to be suspected of violating laws and regulations, it can be reported to the local market supervision department.
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Question: The Notice of the State Administration for Market Regulation on Adjusting the "Elevator Construction Category Classification Table" (2019) No. 64 document, for the notice shows: only through the elevator car operation box, the landing call box cargo button peripheral wiring method is General repairs. How do you understand the peripheral wiring of the elevator car operating box and the landing call box cargo button? If an IC card system is found to be installed in an elevator in a residential area during the inspection, there are mainly the following three situations: (1) Use the contact of the card reader to disconnect the floor selection button on the car control panel or the landing call button loop, only After swiping the card, the button of the corresponding floor can be used to register the corresponding floor or outbound call; (2) The card reader signal of the elevator IC card system is only used as a switch (usually considered as a key card) or the on-off signal is not controlled by the elevator Collected by the system, after the passengers swiped the card and connected, the elevator still runs in the original calling mode, and can be connected to any floor; (3) The IC card communication port and related drawings have been reserved before the elevator is manufactured. The manufacturer agreed to install an IC card control system, and in accordance with the prescribed communication protocol, transfer the information of the IC card system to the elevator control system via the communication interface to realize the card reading function. According to the "Notice of the State Administration of Market Supervision on Adjusting the Classification Table of Elevator Construction" (2019) No. 64, do the above three situations belong to general repairs?
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